We, the VS Trade & Invest GmbH, based in Göttingen – Germany
support our business clients in the area of renewable resources,
as well as in trade with raw materials, food and real estate.

Renewable Resources

VS Trade & Invest is a strategic management consultancy. We focus on renewable energy, solar, wind, and energy storage and support our business clients in realising sustainable growth in these areas.

By developing custom-made growth strategies, we help companies of all sizes and shapes efficiently realise long-term added value. Companies newly entering the market benefit from our expertise as we guide them towards their goals in this complex industry. We also support established companies in strengthening their corporate identity, expanding their business, and further developing their market presence.

We are seasoned experts in drafting business and market entry strategies and in developing business models and technology roadmaps. In all this, our services are always tailored to the needs of our discerning clients.

Food & Drink

Since 2014 we have been the exclusive German importer of products from the Zaric Distillery (Serbia). Zaric’s products are highly popular, receiving outstanding ratings and the most overall positive comments at a number of trade shows and competitions. At almost every competition Zaric Distillery has been honoured with an award.
What makes us particularly proud is the recognition we receive by ordinary people who try our schnapps. For – besides the positive feedback given by industry experts – it is the praise given by ordinary people that is paramount to us.

Real Estate

We specialise in selling, valuing and renting out real estate – and in helping you select a real estate financing plan that fits your needs. We offer high-quality services and take discretion and security very seriously.

As a successful real estate agent with years of experience, among other things in real estate valuation, we deliver outstanding service and all advantages of an extensive network. We are the sort of partner that you can rely on – we would be happy to sit down with you for a comprehensive and free consultation.

You would like to know what sort of work we have done so far? We would gladly provide you with an up-to-date list of references.

Give us a try: We won’t disappoint you and are sure to find you a trustworthy buyer or renter, or the property you’ve long been looking for.

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